It’s starting to cool down out there, meaning it’s time to schedule your furnace for a check-up from your local HVAC professional before the leaves begin to change.

How often does your furnace need to be serviced?

Be it gas, oil, or electric, you should make sure your furnace receives regular maintenance.  According to most HVAC specialists, 75% of all no heat service calls are a direct result of neglect and could have been avoided with regular maintenance.  So how often should you have a professional out to tune up your furnace? At least once a year. The inner workings of a furnace, especially a gas one, can be dangerous.  Aside from replacing and cleaning your filters, it’s best to leave the maintenance of your furnace to a trained professional.  On that note, you should be cleaning or replacing (if needed) your filters every 2-3 months of use.

What Might a Tune-up Include?

Make sure you thoroughly discuss with your HVAC contractor what is included in their services so you can keep a record of maintenance for your warranty. What is included in an annual tune-up will vary by contractor, most will include:

  • Cleaning.  This includes cleaning the filter system, vents, ducts, blower, and fans
  • Inspection.  Your furnace and all of its working parts should be inspected for breaks, cracks, and general wear and tear to identify future hazards so they can be fixed before they become a problem.
  • Testing.  Air flow, fuel pressure, pilot light, thermostat, safety controls, to mention a few, should all be tested to make sure everything is functioning properly and calibrated for optimal performance.
  • Lubrication.  Certain parts of your furnace require specialty lubricant.  Your specialist will be able to tell if they need lubricating and do the job.