This is no ordinary time. In a good way.  The housing market is fast-paced and people are considering this is the perfect time to make a move.

Where to begin?  

Of course, we’d recommend you talk with your Realtor first, but for planning purposes, here’s how we’d break it down:

  • Touch up paint as needed or painting to a neutral color such as gray if you have any non-neutral walls (esp. dark or loud colors)
  • Spruce up the exterior, as curb appeal is a real thing. Consider trimming bushes, raking leaves, even power washing sidewalks/siding does wonder for a home.
  • Check for small repairs that are simple and quick. Some of those nuances you’ve been living with for years could end up being a deal-breaker for a potential buyer.  If you can do the repair yourself, just get it done.  If you need to hire a handyman, we can recommend someone.   Just don’t ignore these little things, as it’ll save you thousands in the long run!
  • Get a home inspection prior to listing to catch any possible issues.  It is better to know ahead of time, rather than be surprised later.
  • Have your septic inspected.  Just have it inspected.

As your Realtor, we’d be happy to come to your home to help advise on what to focus on.  We know what types of repairs or add-ons are costly and which ones don’t add value to a home.